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7 Changes the Light Brings to My Storms

The light of God’s Word will make a profound impact on what you rehearse in your mind (meditations). Your meditations will abundantly influence your words and actions…and your basic view of life! Take some time to rehearse these scriptures today. You can “rehearse” these truths by reading them several times in the week to come…memorizing them…and even praying through them. Choose to walk in the light…choose to think Biblically.

...With All My Heart

The root question for your service to God actually begs to know this: “To what or to whom do you so fully yield that you do it with all your heart?” This question requires brutal honesty. There is nothing you can “spin” and think you have fooled the all-knowing God. This question also requires urgency because you will give an account to the Lord for the answer. Are you ready?