The Path to Better Relationships

Would you like to improve your relationship with those around you?

Day 1: I will consciously smile today

Day 2: I will reach out to others and not wait for others to come to me

Day 3: I will consciously choose to respond humbly and to forgive when offenses come my way

Day 4: I will pray for one who has treated me unjustly and ask God to help me love them

Day 5: I will call someone who is alone and look to be a blessing to them

Day 6: I will only speak words that build up others

Day 7: I will send an email to encourage someone

Day 8: I will invite someone out for coffee or pie to encourage them

Day 9: I will direct conversations to talk about the Lord and others before talking of myself

Day 10: I will keep my conversations moving in a positive direction

Day 11: I will assume the best about people

Day 12: I will show love to the “unlovable.”

Day 13: I will show love without expecting anything in return

Day 14: I will exercise patience towards others

Day 15: I will perform an act of kindness for my neighbor

Day 16: I will take a meal to a church family to encourage them

Day 17: I will look for a need and try to help meet that need

Day 18: I will call someone to pray with them

Day 19: I will look for someone to witness to or to hand a gospel tract

Day 20: I will resolve any anger I have toward others