We believe in the following biblical doctrines.  When these are grouped together they are often referred to as the “Baptist Distinctives.”  They are:

Grace Baptist Church is Distinctively Fundamental.  The name “Fundamental” has come to mean many things to people due to references like “Islamic Fundamentalists.”  Historically the term was used to describe groups of believers who held to the “fundamentals” of the faith (such as the Deity of Christ, or the Virgin Birth…) as opposed to the “liberals” who denied some or all of the fundamentals.

The label “Fundamental” has come to describe those who will take a strong stand on all the truths of God’s Word and who evidence that by the following:

  • An unwavering defense of the Word of God

  • A proclamation of the Word of God

  • And lives that faithfully live the truths of the Word of God

Grace Baptist Church is Independent.  Grace Baptist Church of Marshfield is Independent.  We are not affiliated, in any way, with a denomination or headquarters.  GRACE is autonomous; meaning “self-governing.”  Our governing document is the Bible; which is our only rule of faith and practice.  Our church constitution states how we will govern ourselves and our Church Covenant and Articles of faith state our Biblical beliefs.

GRACE is associated with the WFBC.  The WFBC is a group of nearly 100 independent Baptist churches throughout the state of Wisconsin organized for mutual fellowship and ministry.  The WFBC is not “over” GRACE.  It exists to help churches fulfill the responsibility of evangelism, starting churches, and helping churches of like belief throughout Wisconsin.  The WFBC is voluntarily supported by GRACE as a missionary organization.  GRACE participates in the annual meeting of the WFBC each September.

Grace Baptist Church is not “Charismatic.”  We believe that the biblical gift of tongues was the instantaneous, supernatural ability to speak in known foreign languages as a sign authenticating the message and the messengers of the gospel.  We believe that the gift of tongues, along with other miraculous gifts, prophecy and healing, ceased to function with the completion of the written Word of God and the death of the Apostles.