Grace Baptist Church (GRACE) started as a Bible study in a home on May 27, 1973.  The growing conviction that an independent Baptist church should be started, led the church to contact Pastor Robert Dow of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches (WFBC).  The WFBC, though not a denomination, was a group of independent Baptist churches in Wisconsin committed to the starting of independent Baptist churches in the state.  Through the encouragement of Pastor Dow and the WFBC, the church contacted Gary Thompson to be the first Pastor.  GRACE officially chartered in December of 1973, having its first official meeting in the “Green Room” of the Patio Restaurant.  The church then began to meet regularly at the Purdy building located in downtown Marshfield.  After meeting for some time at the Purdy Building, GRACE rented another church facility until it purchased a church building located on 204 Park Street in Marshfield.  The Park Street church building has since been torn down after being purchased by the Holiday Inn Conference Center.  GRACE has met at 312 East 9th Street in Marshfield for over 19 years, and has purchased property at 11771 Lincoln Avenue.  We now continue to raise funds to build a new church facility and move the entire GRACE ministry to the Lincoln Avenue location.

Pastor Thompson remained as Pastor of GRACE until May of 1977.  Pastor Philip Michelson then served as Pastor until 1980.  It was in 1980 that Grace Baptist Christian School (GBCS) was formed.  GBCS enjoyed a fruitful ministry from 1980 to 1987.  In 1980 Pastor Gary Thompson returned and served as Pastor until 1987.  In September of 1987, Russell Reemtsma became the fourth Pastor of GRACE.  In October of 2000, Pastor Scott Goodwill became the fifth Pastor of GRACE and served as Pastor until February 2007.  After a two year search for a new Pastor, Gary Holloway, started his ministry at GRACE on January 4, 2009.  Pastor Holloway is our current Pastor.