Online Help For Adults

The internet can be a great place to find rich material with very practical help for everyday living; however, it can also provide a lot of false information.  Click here to find some trusted and truthful places on the web.


Where can you find a trusted source for great help?  Check out these websites and materials for teens & adults.

®   Blue Letter Bible – This is an online Bible software. Bible verses can be accessed topically and by reference. You can also have specific Bible passages read aloud through an audio link on the page. Audio streaming from Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s radio program, the Strong’s Concordance Greek/Hebrew definitions are links connected to words within the text, and scripture cross reference studies are all available on this site. As always, the user must exercise discernment and judge the content with the Bible as the standard.

®   Life-Changing Counsel — This is the personal website of Mr. Jim Berg. Mr. Berg has served the Lord as the dean of men at Bob Jones University, as a professor in the BJU seminary, as a gifted Bible counselor, and as a skilled preacher of God’s Word in pulpits across the USA. This site provides many helpful Bible study tools on specific topics like purity, essential virtues, dealing with trouble, unresolved pressures in life, and basics for believers (among other things). Your time will be well spent with the use of these practical Bible study tools!

®   Spurgeon Devotionals — Are you on a break at work or just surfing the net at home?  Take some time to be encouraged by the Bible.  This website allows the reader to view daily devotionals from Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s book Morning and Evening. Here is another opportunity to allow God’s Word to stir your heart and draw you closer to Him.

®   Daily in the Word – A daily devotional, the radio broadcast ministry, and helpful blog of Dr. Paul Chappell is found at this website.  Dr. Chappell pastor’s a church in CA and is the president of West Coast Baptist College.  You will find the writing and radio ministry of Dr. Chappell clearly practical and very stirring.