The ABC's of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is a very special day.  Mom has labored hard to bring you into this world, and she continues to labor in other ways to help you walk through this life.  Mom…you are a blessing to your children!  You know Mom’s role is hard, but even more so, Mom’s role is important!  Mom — Thank you for being the Mom that God called you to be…we don’t say it enough — love you, Mom!

Here are the ABC’s of Motherhood. 

A – ADORATION for the Lord

B – BELIEVING God will guide the family to good

C – CONFESSES Sin to stay right with God

D – DEPENDENT on the Spirit of God to be a Mom

E – EDIFIYING your family…even when everyone’s words/actions are not very encouraging

F – FAITHFUL in the small things to keep the house/family running smoothly

G – GIVING spirit to you and your friends

H – HUGS are given freely and abundantly

I – INITIATIVE to get the job done

J – JOYFUL over time spent with her family

K – KIND-HEARTED even when the family is hard to get along with

L – LOVES you even when you think are you are a blessing…but you aren’t

M – MISSES you even when you are too busy to talk

N – NEATNESS counts for…everything!

O – OPEN & HONEST to you…about you

P – PRAYER WARRIOR that fights your battles on her knees

Q – QUESTIONS your suspicious actions

R – READS her Bible daily

S – SACRIFICES for the good of the family


U – UNDERSTANDS when no one else does

V – VOLUNTEERS willingly

W – WISELY evaluates choices

X – eXAMINES your needs with great care

Y – YIELDS to no one when it comes to your safety

Z – ZANY fun and knows how to laugh with you