Books for YOUTH

A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart: This is a foundational discipleship guide for young teen ladies.  The concept of pursuing God is defined, illustrated, and identified in every day life.  The author, Elizabeth George, includes sections at the end of each chapter called: “Heart Response,” Things to do…,” and “Would you like to know more.”  These sections provide hands-on discipleship that directs the young reader to put into practice what they have just learned.  Elizabeth George also has a companion book for older readers called, “A Woman after God’s own Heart.”  Jim George, Elizabeth’s husband, has also written a book called, “A Man after God’s own Heart.”  Both books for men and women are worthy additions to your home library as well!

Lies Young Women Believe: This book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss is a great read for mature teen ladies.  Every day issues that young women face in our modern world are addressed with a clear Biblical perspective.  You will appreciate how the truth about lies is exposed in this fast paced engaging book .  The lies that teen girls believe about personal appearance, authority, friends, and guys are viewed through the light of the Bible.  Read it alone, read with your mother or daughter…but make certain you read this helpful book.

Beauty and the Best: This older volume from BJU Press was written by Benneth Jones and is a good read for teen girls and adult women.  The reader will find very practical direction for ladies to be genuinely feminine and modest in a culture that encourages women in an opposite direction.  A home may also use this handbook as great training ground for the younger generation.

Thoughts for Young Men: There are four great temptations that plague most young men: sloth, lust, love of pleasure, and peer pressure. J.C. Ryle — the last of the great Puritans — tackles each of these subjects with a tenderness and tact which is unsurpassed.  First written toward the end of the nineteenth century, it remains to this day the most relevant and helpful book on the subject in print.  This crucial book for men of all ages is an easy read with only 100 pages in length.

Gunner’s Run: BJU Press offers this great read for teens.  Gunner’s Run is set in the turbulent era of World War II.  After being accidentally dropped behind enemy lines, the reader will follow Jim Yoder across Europe as he attempts to reach safety in England.  This fast paced adventure causes Jim to face many hardships with the enemy hot on his trail.  This is a story of desperate need for deliverance and the ultimate salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

The Terrestria Chronicles by Ed Dunlop (a seven book series): This series in written in a style similar to Pilgrim’s Progress, and has a setting of knights and castles.   Each book teaches Scriptural truths and doctrines in an engaging, fictional style.  The first book, The Sword, the Ring and the Parchment, portrays the truths of our salvation. The subsequent books deal with subjects such as full surrender to the Lord, temptation and consequences of sin, the pitfalls of materialism, future events, and much more. –Ages 10 and up (but adults will enjoy the series, also!) A study guide, Visits to Terrestria, is also available.  For more information you can visit