Understanding the Times: This book will help you live with peace, courage, confidence, and joy in the midst of restless and uncertain times! Every chapter will unlock the truth of Bible prophecy and help you see it connect clearly to present day events. With riveting imagery, captivating examples of currents events, and thorough biblical insight, Dr. Paul Chappell will help you have a heavenly perspective on present day events. Through this study, you will discover how to live with hope, anticipation, and expectation as God’s plan for future history unfolds before our very eyes!  Published through Striving Together Publications.

Charting the End Times: The Bible has much to say about the end times.  Yet it’s hard to piece all that information together in a way that gives a comprehensive idea of what that time period will look like.  You won’t find another book on the end times like this one!  There more than 50 dynamic, full-color charts and diagrams.  Timelines pictured in the book also clarify the chronology of the end times, and you will find clear answers to tough questions about the end times.  You will find this book to be the ultimate Bible study companion for better understanding the future!  This VERY helpful resource is published by Harvest House Publishers and written by Tim LaHaye and Dr. Thomas Ice.

Beauty and the Best: This older volume from BJU Press was written by Benneth Jones and is a good read for teen girls and adult women.  The reader will find very practical direction for ladies to be genuinely feminine and modest in a culture that encourages women in an opposite direction.  A home may also use this handbook as great training ground for the younger generation.

Biblical Leadership: Ken Collier and Matt Williams co-authored this small paper back book.  Each of the authors have written specific chapters of the book as they lay the ground work for the Biblical teaching of servant leadership.  There is much time given in comparison to Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry and the modern day believer’s opportunities for leadership today.  Many cross references are quoted within the book for the reader’s convenience and each chapter ends with personal application questions.  The reader ends the book having been reminded of many vital Biblical truths needing to be applied to their own Biblical leadership.

Should Christians Drink?: This small 100 page paper back addresses the subject of Christians and alcohol.  The author, Peter Masters, presents the case for total abstinence.  He addresses things like: Didn’t Jesus turn water into wine?, Didn’t Paul tell Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach sake?, and Does the New Testament show the practice of total abstinence?, and much more.   This area of social drinking or drinking with moderation has become a debated subject among the modern day church.  This book will aid you in your study of alcohol and the Christian as you search the scriptures.

Changed Into His Image: When Jim saw his children on the brink of adulthood, he was burdened to provide them with a biblically sound, realistic,and practical handbook for godly Christian living. Changed into His Image is the result of that mission to help them and others maintain their day-to-day walk with the Lord. Now in its fifth printing since its debut in 1999, Changed into His Image offers basic training in Christian growth and guidance in recognizing and overcoming the habits that commonly hinder spiritual progress. Also available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Chinese.  This can be purchased through BJU Press, Amazon, and

Quieting a Noisy Soul: Quieting a Noisy Soul is a unique multimedia program for personal growth and change. No Christian program provides such a comprehensive, structured means to saturate your mind with the truths of who God is and how He intends for those truths to deliver you from guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair.  This Bible study is more expensive than most, but it also provides much more than most Bible studies provide (starting with 24 sermon videos in a 35 minute length format).  This study is worth every dollar spent on it.  This is a fabulous investment of your time, money, and effort!  This practical Bible study can be purchased through under the video section.