EVERYDAY TRUTH with Kurt Skelly. This podcast posts a new episode every Monday through Friday. Pastor Skelly works through a book of the Bible verse by verse in a give and take discussion with one of his adult sons or another preacher. This practical and in-depth Bible teaching discussion is a great way to start off any (and every) weekday! Average duration: 15 minutes. Apple Link: HERE

John Maxwell LEADERSHIP PODCAST. This podcast posts a new episode every Wednesday. John Maxwell is a well published author and world-wide public speaker concerning “all things leadership.” This former pastor’s insight goes right to the core of the issue and proves to be quite helpful AND very insightful. Average duration: 60 minutes. Apple Link: HERE

Let’s Talk Church with Pastor DJ Harry. This podcast posts a new episode each week. DJ interviews a different ministry leader each week to discuss the current issues the church faces. Each interview consistently provides insightful information. The format is very pleasing and easy to follow. This is a great resource for local church leaders. Average duration varies: 40 minutes to 60 minutes (some longer). Apple Link: HERE

Leading in the Gospel with Cary Schmidt. Cary Schmidt is a pastor in NE USA with many years of pastoral experience. Pastor Schmidt thinks outside the “traditional box” of fundamental Baptist churches. He stands strong on the Word of God and turns away from any form of Biblical compromise. These episodes often press you to rethink why you do what you are doing. The only draw back of this podcast is that it leaves you longing for more, and that there is a new episode every month (instead of weekly). Average duration: 55 minutes. Apple Link: HERE

Marriage to the Max with Brett & Kellie Hurst. This married couple walks through important marriage relationship counsel. Their fun, light-hearted spirit with each other makes this podcast enjoyable to follow. They often work chapter by chapter through a well established book on the marriage relationship and give their personal experience with advice that is practical and pointed. Of course, no relationship works with the simple flip of a switch. Every relationship requires a good dose of humility and lots of hard work to make it all come together harmoniously. This podcast points you in the right direction and gives you practical relationship tools along the way. Average duration: 25 minutes. Apple Link: HERE

Kids4Truth Devos. This is a daily podcast for kiddos! Each episode teaches your child how to think from a biblical viewpoint. They will learn about the person and character of God. This is an apologetic study in a kid friendly format. This podcast can be readily found with a simple search of the title provided on this review in Apple Podcast (even though an online link could not be found). Average duration: less than 5 minutes. FM Player Link: HERE