A Way of Life

Steve turned to take the office trash to the dumpster with a sigh of frustration. He could feel his blood boiling as he thought about his assigned task.  Steve muttered with growing intensity, “I spent 6 years in college getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree – and the only time the boss speaks to me is to tell me to take out the garbage!”  His fists were now… clenched and no one dared speak to him as he reached the back office door.

The pictures that were hanging in the waiting area rattled as he slammed the door behind him.   He handled the thin trash bags with brute force and before he knew what he was doing the bags split wide open and trash went everywhere!  The next ten to twelve minutes were spent picking up pieces of trash that blew all over the company parking lot.  He finished his job, but not before he created a mess.  Steve misused his time and talents while taking advantage of the financial resources of the company – all because his attitude demonstrated a stronger focus on self than anything else.  The attitude you possess in your position of distress will reveal your stewardship.  Jonah struggled with the same downfall when God asked him to preach in Nineveh (Jonah 1:2).  He eventually preached in Nineveh, but he struggled with his attitude even after the city turned to God (Jonah 4).  Obedience to God’s call without the right attitude is not faithful stewardship.  The attitudes as well as actions of a believer are visible to men and accountable before God.  Take an honest inventory of your attitudes this week and compare them to the Word of God.  Are your attitudes hindering faithful stewardship to God?