Looking for a friend?  You may not need to look as far as you might think.

Do you wish you had more friends?  There is a difference between a “friend” and an “acquaintance.”  The latter is far more causal and is a “surface” relationship; however, the former has greater depth in experience and emotion.  In general, we all seek friendship with someone.  Consider this truth, the Lord gave Adam his wife Eve so that he might not be alone (Genesis 2:18).   Married adult…have you considered the greatest friend you can have on this earth – your spouse?  I realize I am directing my thoughts to only married adults today.  Lest anyone misunderstand – there is nothing wrong with your “having a friend” and there are many single adults who are wonderful examples of a godly friend.  This Biblical truth doesn’t mean that singles are to be ignored; in fact, the Lord has blessed my family with many single adult friendships.  However, too often married couples are missing the greatest friend they ought to have, because they are looking for friendship in every other place possible.  God gave you your spouse—so that you might not be alone.  Your spouse doesn’t need to be your only friend, but your spouse ought to be one of your best friends.  This will take time and effort like every other friendship requires.  Examine the friendship of your spouse and keep in view the wonderful gift God has given you in your marriage relationship.