Are You A Learner?

A disciple is a learner.  Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ? 

Do you have a teachable spirit that enables you to learn the things of God?  Too many have pride that gets in the way of learning the things God has for their continued growth in Him.  This pride will keep you from a clearer reflection of the Lord in you.  It is often voiced with thoughts like: “I already know that” – may I ask why you aren’t doing it if you know it to be true?  Or “who is he to tell me what to do”—may I suggest that perhaps “he” is one who loves you and is concerned for you.  Or even a phrase like, “I am not giving that up to serve God” – and yet, did not Jesus give up everything to provide salvation for you?  People that advance in corporations are learners.  People who advance in sports are learners.  Believers who grow and mature in the Lord are learners as well.  Learners change and become more than what they started as.  II Peter 3:18 says, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God has called us to change and become more like Him.  May we come to the Lord with an expectation for change and growth…to learn how we can become more like Him.