Learning to Trust

I had the privilege of attending a beautiful family wedding last weekend. So, there will not be a regular post this week. However, I would like to share a few thoughts in the form of questions. Consider…

  • Do you believe God is sovereign — completely in control?

  • Do you struggle with understanding how God could be sovereign when there is so much hurt around you?

  • Do you trust God?

  • Do you have doubts about the character of God?

    • …the love of God

    • …the justice of God

    • …the presence of God

    • …the power of God

    • …the mercy of God

  • As a Christian, do you trust the one true sovereign God?

Please join us at GRACE this Sunday through Wednesday (September 22-25) for an in-depth look at how the Bible answers these questions! You will find deep doctrinal truths made extremely practical for your every day life. The Bible has the answers. Clear your schedule to pursue a better relationship with the Lord at GRACE (September 22-25)…your relationship with God is THAT important.

Location: 312 East Ninth Street Marshfield, WI 54449

Sunday Services: 10 AM Worship Service; 11:30 AM Sunday school; 2 PM Bible Study

Monday-Wednesday Services (Sept. 22-25): 6:30 PM