Jesus had a special love for the little ones and so do we.  Our well staffed nursery provides a clean and loving atmosphere for your children during all of our services.

Sunday School

Special programs are designed just for your children.  This important time is geared toward exciting, Biblical training from loving, qualified teachers.

Kids 4 Truth

This opportunity aims to teach children Bible verses, godly character, and great Bible songs.  This time targets K5 through 6th grade children, and meets at the same time as the mid-week prayer meeting.

Youth Group

An active teen program to excite and challenge teenagers, featuring:

  • Bible Studies
  • Family centered activities
  • Camps and Retreats
  • Mission Projects

Adult Bible Study

Great opportunities for adults are available at the same time as the weekly Sunday School hour.  This time is directed to teaching Biblical truths in a more informal way and shows the clear practicality of the Bible for today.

Mid-Week Prayer Meeting

A refreshing mid-week service with close fellowship around God’s Word and an opportunity to share the blessings and burdens of others in prayer.


Activities organized with varying groups in mind.  These times of fellowship are designed to optimize strong, lasting friendships that will help you in your Christian walk.

Nursing Home Ministry

A monthly opportunity to reach out to an older generation.  This time allows our church family to give of themselves to our community, but it is our church family who find themselves receiving more than they give.

Family Enrichment

The pressures of modern society wear heavily on the family unit.  We are committed to strengthening the foundation of the home through helpful seminars, retreats, camps, and a positive atmosphere for the family to be built up and not torn apart.